Pheromones Get You Results

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wise, I think I now more than enough about pheromone (I downloaded most of RSD
products and several other old school things as David Deangelo, Mistery,…).
So I don’t think I will learn much new content stuff with cheaper pheromones.

On the
other hand, going out for 28 days in a row can indeed make your comfort zone
wider, certainly of you are ‘forced’ into interactions. I don’t like to daygame
in my own city but I can see it work more when I travel… Probably the same
can be reached when you go 28 days to vegas with a couple of good friends if
you push each other. Learn more at and  

I can see
your point with being too rsd. I also am a little bit too high energy and too
fast in nightgame (saying e.g., too early “you are gonna be my new
wife” in order to create attraction), it would be better to not rely on
lines to create attraction with strong pheromones. You can go out constantly
for 1 month, no need for professional help. But if you want the professional
help to take to another level, do it. Learn more at 

I like
RSD, a lot of people here don’t like them, but I do and I met some people that
took all of their programs on pheromones. 
Immersion is like a school, you go out and then you talk to a instructor. You
also have a seminar with some instructors. You can have a friend that make him
record a video of your infield and then show to the instructor of sexual pheromones. 
is more advanced and more expensive because you go out with the instructors,
they make you approach, they do exercises in the field with them, they tell
right the way what you’re doing wrong.

Maybe, if
you’re newbie and don’t want to spend a lot of money, Vegas Immersion is good
call. The biggest hurdles to overcome with game are getting over AA, stating
intent, getting over hangups about rejection and overcoming shame/guilt around
your sexual desires using better pheromones.

This can
help you with AA, intent and fear of rejection which are very important.

The most
important hurdle to overcome is AA because without getting over that you’ll
never get enough experience to get over the rest of the issues. And of course,
check the instructors before. BTW, before you ask, I have never taken any of
these. I was thinking about doing this for a long time.
  Except, I was under the impression that the
cost of the program included lodging.
Nope.  The only option seems to be
discounted hotel rooms.

I think
the idea of the program is great.. but holy shit, spending an entire month
living out of a hotel does not seem fun to me.
Plus, it basically doubles the cost of the program. I’m planning to go
some time this summer for a month and I was able to find some cheap lodging
close to the strip.
  I really hope it’s
better than I expect and at the very least it should be a fun trip because
pheromones make a big difference.